15 Most Common Mistakes That Every Golfer Must Avoid


As we make a lot of mistakes while playing golf, so we thought golf as a challenging game. And due to mistakes, it’s difficult to generate better scores and reduce continuous movement.

The first thing we are making mistakes while playing golf is we are humans, and the later thing is as a golfer. So mistakes are normal and also natural.

Therefore, it’s the first, and foremost responsibility of all golfers should realize the mistakes and the real skill is to learn from your mistakes in every round you play.

As everybody in their life is making mistakes knowingly or unknowingly and there are so many things to get things wrong in Golf. Here in this blog, we have pointed some common mistakes, have a look at these and try them avoid while playing golf.

Here discussed 15 most common mistakes that every golfer should avoid while playing.

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1. Playing in Arm Swinging

You are not swinging your body while swinging your arm while playing is a very common mistake amongst fresher golfers. You will get the real power in golf to make a score by the rotation of your shoulder, chest, and hips.

Learn how to use your muscle power of your arm and body while playing in golf, this will help you striking the ball and score more in golf.

2. Talking with Opponent Team

Shouting like “Get up! Get up!” when your Golf partner’s ball is teasing with a normal water threat does not enhance friendship the way the screamer believes. Most associates are unsure about it, but competitors dislike it. Why? Because Well-intentioned though your screams may be, there’s always the doubt that you are not as honest as you would be if it were your ball.

3. Not Ready for Golf

If you are not ready for playing then, you can’t make a score. If you are asking questions like “Is it you or me?” “After you.” “Are you sure?” For the moment, color is drying out, cultures are increasing and dropping, and the people playing behind you are trying to quell their increasing fury. Forget everything while playing- Hit the ball when you are ready.

4. No Need for Tight Grip

The most common mistake golfer is doing is is lies in the grip. Golf is ought to be a relaxing activity, so there is no need to so tight grip it looks like you are clinging on for life. As due to a tight grip, you will be stressed this is the wrong activity in golf.

You will hit the ball properly with a relaxed grip as it allows you to swing rhythmically in one smooth movement. It needs to avoid in golf.

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5. Don’t Amplify Your Twist

When starting out in golf, it’s easy to get disappointed looking at all the people who can hit the soccer ball more than you. Leading to overcompensating with an exaggerated twist which will only cause a loss of precision at best and at most severe delivering it into the nearby trees.

Avoid this error by concentrating on implementing the correct position and a more fluid move that will produce power and precision.

6. Losing Energy while Swing

If you are concentrating more on the ball to hit it and also focusing on your swing, sometimes slowing down your swing often direct to the point of contact. Only For this reason your ball falling before your aim point.

If you want to avoid this, then keep your speeds continuing through the swing and to hit through the ball. It will improve timely with continuous practice as you become skilled and perfect at playing golf.

7. Unable to Align Your Golf Putt Correctly

If you are missing your putt and making all the effort to getting close the ball to the pin, there is nothing more frustrating.  So it is worth applying the time to align the ball with the hole, and this doesn’t signify working out the velocity in reverse from the hole.

8. Aiming at Nothing

Always aim at your ball. Your should be to pass the ball to the pin. If you are not aiming at the ball while playing, then you can’t make a good score. Don’t aim what your opponent player is doing. Always aim at your game.

This is one of the serious mistakes to avoid while playing.

9. Playing Very Back

Don’t play very far away from your aim point. Because you will loose all your potential while guiding your ball to the aim point. Then you can’t swing your body properly and also can’t hit the ball to score more.

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10. Don’t Check Your Phone while Playing

It will reduce your potential energy while checking every time on your phone. Every golfer should concentrate at the time of playing so that they can score more than others.

11. Not Watching at the Ball

If you are taking a bad shot and looking at others for answers. At that time your ball bounds and deep into the woods. Then you are asking for the ball where it is? But there is someone who is watching your ball perfectly. It’s better to keep your eyes on your ball rather ask anyone.

12. Don’t Know How to Drop the Ball

At the time of dropping your ball in the hole, you stand with the ball, your hand facing the hole and then swing your arm and drop the ball. Don’t make spinning or flipping rather than try to get the ball to jump into a perfect alignment. The greatest violation when it comes to where you fall has to be the ball hit out-of-bounds. There you have only one option: use stroke and re-hit from where you performed your last shot. No losing where you think the ball went bye-bye.

13. Don’t Swing Very Fast

If your move gives thoughts a mixer set on dissolve, a chance to slowly it down. Jim McLean, a golf player, provides this tips on rhythm: “Step off to the part and employ creating shifts while saying, ‘1 and 2,’ with focus on the ‘and.’ The ‘1’ delivers you to the top, the ‘and’ includes the all-important stop and conversion, and the ‘2’ delivers you through effect.”

14. Playing with Wrong Golf Stick

It is often seen that most players are not using the perfect stick for playing. The perfect stick would allow you to score more while playing golf.

So always swing your body while hitting the ball so that you can make scores.

15. Not Using Perfect Attire

It’s always advised to wear perfect cloth while doing any work. This will concentrate more on your work. Perfect and comfort fitting cloth will allow you to play well. So choose your cloth so that it can make comfort and you will concentrate more on playing rather than clothes.


Always learn from your mistakes while playing and gradually decrease them in game – strategy, technique and mental and agree to the positive and negative bounces which come and extended with it and get on with the job of creating a better and more pleasant activity.