A Perfect Dress Up For Professional Golfer In The US


The golf is a traditional sport, and it is accepted that the Scotland was the origin country that developed the sport “Golf” during the middle Ages. However, the game did not find popularity until the 19th century, when it was scattered in the rest of the UK, then to the British Empire and the US.

Now, the golf is widely known as a professional sport, in this way, the player or a real golfer should have etiquette on behaving on a golf course, dressing for the golf game. Though it’s compulsory to follow a dress code, but to look pro golf player, the golf attire is a must thing.

Here are the essential tips to dress up like a professional golfer:

1. Shirt

The polo shirt is considered an official shirt for a professional golfer. To feel comfortable, you should find a polo shirt made of cotton to do the breathing process efficiently. The polo shirts come with an attached collar, so it gives the perfect look, and it doesn’t look too formal as well. Also, it allows for freely swing the hands.

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2. Pants

To have a professional look, your polo should stay tucked with the pants. These pants have thin grip lining on the waistband to keep the undergarment unseen. So, whenever you go as a pro golfer, be sure to have these with you.

3. Shorts

In the summer days, it’s not appropriate to wear those full and heavy pants when you go to the course. Several golf clubs allow for shorts for both men and women. So, in the sunny days, it is okay of to wear khaki shorts or any shorts that don’t look funky. These shorts should have the ability to protect from UV and a pocket for your Smartphone.

4. Sweater or Windbreaker

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It is not certain that all golf days have clear skies with the sun. In the cloudy or cool days, a pair of sweater or windbreaker will be really good. You can have this pair of your course; it will help you stay warm when the weather turns on you.

5. Golf Shoes

The first important accessory for any pro golfer, they are essential to have in your golf bag when going for the course. A golfer’s performance and looks matter on the type of shoes. Golf shoes come either with metal spikes or plastic spikes. The soft or plastic spikes are popular as they are harmful when you do put on the course.  They also keep you balanced and anchored during the golf swing to hit a better shot.

6. Socks

Make the appearance shoe perfect with a pair of golf socks. This completes the look of the shoes and makes your feet comfortable under shoes. The shoes also work as a style statement to make you look best on the course along with the polo shirt and pant.

7. Belt

Choose a belt with a comfortable material and good stitching; you can go for the cool looking colors, but also take care of the attire color. Don’t go for a belt with a big and heavy buckle, keep it simple and cool to make a good statement. Custom belts are also a good option to choose as per your choice.

8. Sun-hat

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A sun hat is essential especially for sunny days; it provides extra protection as Sunscreen doesn’t work to save from harmful rays. By using a sun-hat, keep your face and head protected from UV rays. When it’s not sunny, you don’t have to wear it. You can prefer any hat, but it should match your entire attire, it depends on you to choose the hat type. For a golfer, it is necessary to buy a hat that will block the sun from your face.

9. Sunglasses

Sunglasses is a good option to protect your eyes from the sun; there are sunglasses available in the market that is perfect for your course, or that help you to see the colors of the course in a right way. This way you will make your strokes rightly. So, when playing in the sun, a good pair of sunglasses is a must, and it should fit you snug without going loose.

Clothing that a Pro Golfer Should Avoid

Some tips on which type of clothing you should avoid when going to course, though casually you can wear them up, but not when golfing:

  • Denim: The thread which is used in denim is not appropriate for a golfer as it doesn’t allow being free and can restrict you by hitting the ball smoothly.
  • Trainers: Trainers include the clothing like sweatshirts, tracksuits, sweatpants and other casual exercise apparel. The reason is they all feel very much loose, so the dressing doesn’t match with a pro golfer.
  • Sandals: Some golf courses allow you to wear sandals, and some do not as they don’t look compatible with the entire golfer look. So, avoid wearing sandals and buy a good pair of golf shoes as they provide stability and a good game experience.
  • Lounge-Wear: This is the clothing that is suitable and comfortable for wearing at home as the tank tops and pajama bottoms. Even if it is comfortable, it is not good when you get on the course, and playing the golf like a pro. So, refuse this clothing to look like a pro golfer.


  1. Observe and perform: The easiest way to observe the dressing essentials, do’s and don’ts for a proper golfer is to watch the professional golfers playing on the course. You can prefer the real golf courses or the TV and then decide from what you learn.
  2. Put Your Shirt in Tucking not just help you look more professional; it also helps you swing better when playing. Avoid loose and untucked shirts that can restrict you from having minimum strokes.
  3. Golfing Essentials: Always pay attention while selecting your golf gear, just like you choose for your wardrobe. It will be good if you buy them carefully because they are really gonna help you to support in your game and being a pro golfer.

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