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Hi guys,

Welcome to the about page of golffinding.com and I hope that you can find all the things you want to know about golf and golf training here.

In term of golf, people know that it is not a cheap sport since you have to pay a lot for the equipments and the fee for the playing course. So that, if you are the beginners and want to invest in this sport, you need to make sure that you can pay for the best one, so you can save not only your money but also a lot of time for choosing time to time.

There are many fields in golf that you should make the research about to understand closely and clearly about them, then you will able to find the best solution for each issue. For example, at first place, as the beginner, you need to learn about playing style of golf, essential tools and equipments that you have to have such as the golf clubs, basic knowledge about golf ball and type of course. After that, when you reach to higher level, there are more things you need to learn such as maintenance tips, the rules for professional players, how to play well in different weather condition, and about some specific tools such as the GPS watch for golf.

Many people do not clearly about the roles of researching before purchasing, they just come to the golf shop and buy all the stuff that ‘they think’ that important and forget about the fact that the more you buy, the happier dealers feel. So that, as the professional golf player, my biggest advice for you is that you need to make the research before purchase for any tool in golf.

On the site of golffinding.com, I want to share with you my personal experiences and knowledge about golf which I completely believe that can help you to solve all the problems relating to golf and golf training, from the beginning to the professional level. You can find on this site the articles about the history of golf development, which help you to learn about the change in golf and then you can choose the suitable playing style to train. Or the articles about maintenance tips and advices about choosing the best golf tool (clubs, ball, clothes, etc.) to help you can prepare all the necessary for the game.

Hope you enjoy the time here with me and do not forget to give me your comments. Thank you very much.