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Juan Weller

Juan Weller

How to Hit a Ball Out of a Sand Trap

People who haven't even tried playing golf out of the sand can imagine how playing golf in a sand bunker can be more difficult...

Hit a Golf Ball Straight – Few Tips on How To Do It

Hitting a golf ball straight is actually pretty hard, and that's very well known to all who play golf or who tried playing it....

Sand Shots Made Easy – Few Simple Tips

We all know that playing golf in a sand isn't easy and that it needs certain adjustments when compared to playing golf elsewhere. There...

Find a right putter length for you

What length putter should I use? That is the question many of the golfers who use putters ask themselves, and rightly so. The putter...

How to clean your golf balls – a few quick ways of doing it

When people think about golf, they usually think about a person hitting a ball with a golf and staring at the ball to see...