BEST Golf Clubs For Beginners Men – A Guide Golf Starter Set

Best Golf Clubs For Beginner in 2016 Complete Guide
  • This article have answer the question: "How to choose the best golf clubs for beginners men?"

There are a lot of people who decide to take up the game of golf. Some take it up at an early age, while others start golfing later in life. I was fortunate to begin golfing at an early age.

At first, I had a lot of difficulties choosing a suitable golf clubs.

After all, my choice for the first set ever was some sort of Callaway 12-piece set and that included everything. So, How to choose the best golf clubs for beginners men?

Golfing, like any other game, requires a appropriate set of gear.

For beginners, a good set of golf clubs can be very helpful in making the experience more enjoyable.

However, most beginners do not know much about a right set of clubs. Lack of information on the best clubs may make it difficult Cause lots of trouble for new golfers when it comes to purchasing clubs.

  • One might buy a club which is shorter than their height, making it uncomfortable to use.
  • The materials making the clubs are very important.
  • You would not want a club that is very heavy or one that breaks during tee off.
  • You also wouldn’t want a driver that gives you a short distance in terms of yards when kicking off or rather an unfavorable impact.
  • Clubs that give a poor swing and a thick or thin grip further also make golfing uncomfortable.
  • You need to know your height, your abilities, your hands size and of course your pocket.

Some clubs can be too expensive for beginners considering they are new to this game. Here are something you can learn from in order to have appropriate clubs.






1. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)



2. Confidence GOLF Men's POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag



3. Adams Golf Speedline Plus Complete Set



4. PRE Pine Meadows Progressive Hybrid Set



5. Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Complete Package Golf Set 14-Piece



Top 5 best golf clubs for beginners men reviews

1. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)

This is yet another set from Callaway that’s going to make your golfing enjoyable than ever before. The set comes with 12-pieces which comprise of a 9 clubs, 2 head covers and a specially made bag just for you. 

  • ​The set is available for both right-handed and left-handed orientations.
  • The driver and the fairway woods come with a graphite shaft that ensures durability and prevents them from breaking.
  • They also have a forgiving spot that makes sure you hit the ball accurately and make it go as far as possible.
  • Substitute your long iron with the set’s hybrid designed for versatility and forgiveness.
  • The 6-PW irons are fitted with progressive sole width technology and perimeter weighting that enables you control your balls as much as you can. These are made of stainless steel for better efficiency and durability.

For those of us who love some differences in the lengths of the clubs, then this is a preferable set. The 12-degree loft driver is 45’’ long, whereas the other clubs are of a standard size but relatively smaller than it is.

  • For example: the PW and the putter are both 35”, 10” smaller than the driver.
  • The driver is the lightest of this set, whereas the putter is the heaviest
    Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)


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    The mallet with a T-style alignment would have come in handy when I was once doing a quick 9-hole with my friends last weekend. It’s just designed for accuracy.


    • The lightweight bag has lots of pockets for all your golfing needs. May it be the balls, tee, gloves or your cleaning brush, you are all set with this dual strapped bag that comes together with the whole set.
    • The set’s price is a pocket-friendly solution for an enthusiastic player.


    • However, the weights might be too tiresome, especially when you do an 18-hole round.

    Breakage of the shafts has been reported. The set also lacks a stand which could be so helpful on playing an 18-hole round.

    • Overall, the set is ideal for beginners who are really willing to learn and become pros.

    2. Confidence GOLF Men's POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

    This amazing set from Confidence comprises of steel-shafted 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-irons, pitching wedge, a driver and 24-degree hybrid.

    It also comes with an upgraded bag auto-pop legs, plenty of external pockets, and a rain cover.

    For those rainy days, you don’t have to stress any more.

    • The 24-degree hybrid is strengthened with steel shaft, making the golfing more exciting.
    • Accuracy and ball control are a guarantee when you use this club in the fairway.
    • It comes from a company well known for producing quality golf products targeting the beginners. (Confidence Golf was founded in 1967)
    • Its putter is fitted with a steel shaft for better experience.
    • The 460 cc driver is large enough to give you the required sweet spot and forgiveness. It also comes with its head cover.
    • The cavity back irons are designed to optimize on kicking and ensure the ball lands a few inches from the hole.
    • All clubs are long enough with the driver being the longest. It is 112cm long, whereas the putter is 89cm long. This is a standard size for most clubs.
    Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag


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    • The set is just well equipped for all beginner golfers.


    • ​However, your height is also a factor to consider.
    • The grip size is however small for some men with big hands.
    • Misalignment of the grip has also been reported on several occasions.
    • Snapping of the 3-wood head also has been found.

    Although I’d say this depends on how the player handles his clubs and the level of skill that they possess.

    • Compared with other Confidence golf sets such as the Confidence Power II Men’s Hybrid Golf Clubs Set + Bag (1 Inch Shorter), I’d highly recommend this product to men who are of standard height.

    3. ADAMS Speedline Plus Package Set

    This set from Adams comes with 12 clubs, a bag and head covers for the driver and the drivers. The 12 clubs comprise of a driver, 3-Wood, 5-Wood, 4 & 5-Hybrids, 6-Pitching Wedge Irons, Sand Wedge and a Putter.

    • They are high-quality, presentable and have a pretty awesome weight.
    • The set is ideal for both beginners and professional players.
    • This set is also famous for its capability to achieve far distances, velocity and easy hit for a relatively good game.
    • The velocity slot technology makes their operation much easier. This also enables players to achieve best distances during tee-off using the aerodynamic driver.

    This feature of the clubs I once borrowed used to help me create one of the farthest distances ever. The swing was spectacular, with little drag. The kick was very straight thanks to the high MOI which ensure a stable impact.

    • The driver is fitted with a graphite shaft.
    • Fairway woods are well designed to ensure maximum forgiveness, speeds and straight kicks while in the fairway.
    • They also have a large sweet spot and an advanced slot design, making the launch incredible. Experience a higher launch and higher speeds from the lowered center of gravity thanks to the ultra-thin crown.
    • To maximize on the forgiveness, hybrids are fitted with heel and toe perimeter weighting.
    • They also have a unique rounded design for improved performance.

    Compared with the Adams Speedline set, the Adams Speedline plus comes with an extra hybrid the 4h. However, this additional club comes with an extra cost of around $$$ which does not make a lot of sense paying all that money for an additional club.

    Adams Mens Speedline Plus Complete Golf Clubs Set
    Adams Mens Speedline Plus Complete set


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    • The steel shafted irons have a low center of gravity to airlift the balls quickly.
    • Quad-cavity heel and toe perimeter weighting in the irons delivers exceptional feel and forgiveness.
    • The sand wedge has an exceptional shape for one of the best feels, versatility and performance.
    • The putter is made of stainless steel and perimeter weighting for a better feel and performance.
    • The set is available in both orientations (right-handed and left-hand).

    4. Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid, 5-PW Irons (Regular Flex)

    Enjoy new golfing experience with this golf set from Pinemeadow. The whole set comprises of a driver, 3-wood, hybrid and 5-PW irons.

    • This standard size set of clubs is right-oriented for better golfing.
    • The 10.5-degree loft, 460cc driver are purposely intended for accuracy and maximum distance.
    • The regular flex driver is made of titanium alloy material to give it extra strength and durability. The other regular flex clubs are made of stainless steel.
    • A white Nano finish on the driver, the 3-wood and the hybrid gives give better visibility during addressing position.
    • Kick start your golfing with the oversized wide sole irons which ensure an optimal launch and spin
    • It may be the promising birthday present for a son to learn the game as in my case.

    Additionally, I love the fact that the whole package comes with three head covers and a dual strapped bag.

    • These clubs mimic the Taylor Made RBZ’s which feature good color combination; finish; an ultra-strong and an ultra-fast clubface. Taylor Made RBZ goes for way higher prices. This makes Pinemeadow’s PGX a better option for virtually the same experience, at with a cheaper price.
    • This set, however, lacks a putter which is equally important during a beginner’s training session. Some users have complained of the driver head breaking while playing.


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    5. Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Complete Package Golf Set 14-Piece

    This 14-pieces golf clubs set from Wilson will make you stick to the fairway more often.

    The set that comes with a 14-pack of clubs, bag and a head cover is totally worth its value. The right oriented clubs include a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 5-PW and a putter.

    • The set is ideal for casual playing or beginners training.
    • If you’re looking for distance and accuracy, then these are the clubs for you.
    • The 460 cc titanium enforced driver comes with its head cover. It is wide enough and higher lofted to allow better alignment and forgiving sweet spots.
    • Tee kick off will never be the same again with this new driver from Wilson. It has a flex graphite shaft which ensures long distance and accuracy.
    • The fairway also has graphite shaft and lofted head for better accuracy.
    • The putter and the hybrid have steel shafts.
    • The hybrid provides an excellent trajectory and its compact head shape allows for better alignment and boosts the player’s confidence.
    • The steel shafted irons have widened faces for on-target hits.
    Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Complete Package Golf Set


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    These are also coupled with perimeter weight and a low center of gravity, technologies which allow better swings and angles during a kick.

    • The set comes with MOI putter. It has a firm grip and easy aligns, both of which helps a lot during putting.

    All clubs are completely fine during shipment, no connections or installations needed. The durable, lightweight bag is very comfortable when you walk around with. It has double straps and many pockets to carry your gloves, balls, tees, keys, brushes and water. Honestly speaking, this set is just great.

    Purchase guide

    Just what do look at when purchasing a golf club set?

    Purchasing of golf clubs can be very tricky especially for beginner golfers. There’s a lot to consider.

    You need to be aware of what you want, how much you are willing to spend and other technical considerations when purchasing these clubs. If you are looking into purchasing a golf set, this is what you need to know.

    Types of clubs​

    photo credit

    There are various types of clubs used during the game.

    There is the driver, the hybrids, fairway woods, irons, woods and the putter. The number of the hybrids, fairway woods, irons and woods vary from one manufacturer and model to the other.

    Another basic component of any golfing experience is the bag used to carry the club during the golfing session.

    • For a beginner, you do not have to acquire all the 14-clubs to begin learning and playing golf.
    • You just need the basic clubs which you can afford to acquire as you start.
    • You don’t need to spend as much during your start, because you are not guaranteed if you’ll enjoy the game and the clubs or not.
    • You could as well go for cheaper or rather affordable sets of golf clubs for your initial training.
    • You also need to look at individual clubs for added support technologies.

    For example: you can look at the putter and compare it to another from a different product of the same pricing. A putter with T-alignment technology may be an added advantage over other club set’s putter.

    Length of the clubs

    Maximum comfort should be a priority when golfing.

    To achieve this, you need to purchase a set of clubs which align with your height and the hand size for firm grip.

    • Short clubs may affect your swing as you’ll need to bend so much to reach the golf, too much bending makes the experience very uncomfortable and the player can easily get tired especially when playing an 18-hole round.
    • If you are a teenager or are just short, look for shorter clubs for better experience.

    Shaft material

    Different materials are used to make the shaft. You need to be familiar with these materials.

    • The common ones are graphite and stainless steel. Another important feature of the shaft is the flex.
    • Flex is the degree a club bends when swinging for a kick. Some clubs have regular flex whereas others are stiff.
    • For the driver, fairway shafts and some hybrids, the common material is graphite.
    Callway men's strata complete Golf Set


    However, for the irons and the putter steel and graphite may be used. Graphite has much better quality and is lighter compared to steel. This ensures you achieve best and maximum speeds, unlike the steel ones which are affected by weight making them slow. This may affect the swing and the distance of the ball.

    • Steel shafts are however much cheaper than the graphite ones.
    • Seniors, professionals or players with a more deliberate swing may go for the steel ones.
    • If your swing is fast, you can go for a regular or a stiff shaft club.

    The grip is very important to ensure all weather use of the purchased clubs. Some clubs are reinforced with rubber grips which make the golfing much more enjoyable as you have to deal with less struggle.

    Club head size

    ​The head size varies from one club to another. The driver is one of the clubs whose head size matters a lot.

    Club head sizes are: standard, midsize or oversized.

    • Standard head sized clubs have a fairly small sweet spot compared to the other two.
    • Controlling the oversized head club is very hectic.
    • However, controlling the standard and the midsized head clubs is much easier.

    The size of the club head has little effect on the weight of the club. Don’t be surprised to find a lighter driver than the putter. Oversized heads are more forgiving than the standard size club heads.

    Frequency of playing

    Players are different in terms of the number of times they play in a year or month. Some players play thrice a week while others play once per month.


    Depending on how frequent you plan to be in the fairway, you might want to go for a durable graphite shaft club. If you’re there just for fun, say a month or two, Confidence Golf clubs set might be a good companion. This would also save you some few dollars too.​

    What bag style do you want (carry/stand bag or cart bag)?

    This choice is much easier than choosing a putter. The reason is that a bag will not affect your score in the way a putter will. If you want to walk and carry your clubs, then buy a stand bag. If you don’t, then a cart bag should be what you look at on purchasing.

    New or used set

    This again comes down to the frequency of playing and how much you have budgeted for your clubs.

    • New clubs might have better performance and warranty, but they could be expensive too.
    • On the other hand, used clubs might be a bargain. If you aren’t planning on sticking around the course for a longer time, then these may come in handy.
    • If you plan to play for long, you’d better go for a new set. Carefully double check used clubs before sealing the deal. Ensure the grip is still firm, the club head is intact and the shaft has its flex.

    Check to see that all pieces of the set are still in good condition. Do a little market research and know the prices of the new clubs prior to purchasing the old ones.


    Pricing is a very important factor to consider on purchasing almost all products.

    • You need to purchase commodities within your budgeting.
    • You should browse and visit as many online sites that deal with your choice of clubs.
    • Compare the prices and see which one best fits your pocket.
    • Do not spend too much on clubs if you plan to play for a few days.

    Depending on the level of skill, you might want to go for expensive clubs which will last longer.


    Despite the availability of information regarding the best club sets, beginner golfers deserve more information about these products.

    Having talked about how to identify the best club sets, we can arrive into a conclusion that the Adams Men’s Speed Line Plus Woods/Irons Set 3Wds/2Hyb/6-Sand Wedge/Putter/Bag set is one of the best sets of clubs.​

    However, the price might be too high for a beginner in which case the Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece) would be the best alternative. This set is pocket-friendly and suitable for beginner golfers. Despite being inexpensive, the set has a lovely finish, good design and what’s more, it comes with a bag.​

    Saving you time and money, obtaining suitable golf bags at the same time can be a Good thing. Which other brand can offer hybrid’s versatility, a perimeter weighting technology and progressive sole width technology for improved controls in the wedges? This is just what you need as a beginner.​ Hope this buying guide about best golf clubs for beginners men is helpful.