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15 Most Common Mistakes That Every Golfer Must Avoid

15 Most Common Mistakes That Every Golfer Must Avoid

As we make a lot of mistakes while playing golf, so we thought golf as a challenging game. And due to mistakes, it’s difficult...

How To Build A Perfect Golf Swing?

Golf is a game of hitting a golf ball with a golf club, which is made out of various ceramics on ground. The main...

The History Of Golf In The United States

Golf is a game of a ball and a stick which started in ancient times from the Scotland.  Golf is known as a European...



Top 30 Golf Resorts You Do Not Want To Miss In The USA

Golf is a very interesting game with no age limit. It can be played by children as well as older people. All it needs...

How To Enjoy Indoor Golf In Snow And Rain?

Golfing business is a serious affair! No matter what the weather conditions might be. The golfing fanatics have their solution now, as an indoor...

The List Of Top 10 Male Golfers In The World

The game golf is played using a club and a ball; there are various kinds of clubs that are used to play the golf...