Find a right putter length for you


What length putter should I use? That is the question many of the golfers who use putters ask themselves, and rightly so. The putter length is very important to terminate, because if your putter is too long or too short, it could affect your ability to make good, precise swings. Just because the putter is necessary shorter than the other golf clubs doesn’t mean you should follow the shorter the better rule. Also, to determine what size is right for you, just studying the length of putters and reading the inches won’t do you any good. You have to be able to compare them with your height and arm size, and the only way to do that is to try the putter on in a field or wherever else you feel comfortable enough.

What you need

You need several putter sizes in order to check which length is the right one for you. You will also need a ball to get a full picture of how the certain putter length feels like when you strike; does the ball go in the direction you want it to go. Golfers usually have several golf clubs in their bags. You can borrow some from the golfers you know and you can even test this in a sports shop without the ball. The key is the relationship with between your body and the putter length, and you can test this in a shop hitting an imaginary ball.

Test 1 – checking if your putter length is too long

Just so you know if you don’t already, 35 inches is a standard length for putters, but you don’t need to concern yourself with that necessarily. Imagine a ball in front of you if you don’t have any, and first stand up straight holding a putter in your hands. The putter should be pointing downward and should follow your body line, with the end slightly positioned away from you. Slightly bend at the waist; it’s a putter after all, not an iron or other golf club; your position is different here as well than when you are holding a different golf club in your hands. So, first stand up tall and bend slightly in the waist. Do not bend your knees, as that will put you off balance. Your knees provide a strong body base from which the hit is executed better.  hold your putter and analyze your posture. If your hands are bent  in a way that it makes your arms hurt a little bit while you are doing stokes, than the putter length is too long for you. You should be able to be almost straight while you are holding the putter, so that your movements can be uninhibited and free. The movement should go from the shoulders; if your putter is too long, you will feel tension in your biceps, which will slow down your strokes and make them harder for you to perform them.

Test 2 – Checking if your putter length is too short

You can pretty much deduct the scenario for the short putter length on the basis of said earlier about the putter length that’s too long, but since the process of determining the right putter size is a sensitive and highly individual process, let’s make room for description of this situation as well. So, you are in your posture – you are standing up tall, and you are just bent slightly in your waist, leaving your legs straight. If you have to bend further in order to touch the ball with your putter in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, then your putter length is probably too short. When you are standing like this, your eyes will be pass the target line, as you will be needlessly closer to the ball. This will reduce the full view of the situation you must have in order to know what you are doing. What this will also do is that it will put an extra pressure on your back, causing you to have difficulties in doing strokes. If you, however, leave your back in a position you had while holding a putter whose length was too long, you will probably then have to bend your knees while holding a shorter putter in order to make contact with the ball. This will cause you to loose your base for accurate ball hitting, it will throw you off balance and make your strokes difficult and insecure. So, if the two putters you were holding made you behave in the two ways described here, it’s probably time to look for a third putter.

It’s clear by now that finding a right putter length is something that you need to find out for yourself by trying it, as there is no such thing as an ideal putter for all. When you stroke without thinking about the putter length of the putter you are playing with, that’s the one that’s probably the best for you.

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