Hit a Golf Ball Straight – Few Tips on How To Do It


Hitting a golf ball straight is actually pretty hard, and that’s very well known to all who play golf or who tried playing it. It nearly impossible to hit it straight every time, and before you start blaming your poor golfing skills, you should know the reasons for this other than your supposed bad play, and there are many. When we start to hit a golf ball, we do a circle. We swing our golf club, and our hands go around our body almost up to our head in a circular line. We then repeat the circle in reverse when we aim for the ball with a golf club. Even the club head is designed to make your ball not go straight; whichever part of the club head you hit your ball with, it’s gonna go to the left, right, or in a half- circle. But as much as it is pretty hard to do it, there are some tricks which will help you achieve your ball. So here is how to hit a golf ball straight.

What you need

We don’t need to get too picky or philosophical on this one – you need what you probably think you need. A golf club, a golf ball, some gloves and a very good swing and a lot of patience.

First tip – Basic Stance and Equipment


In these very hard circumstances, you really have to make sure you are doing everything to go around them. But, it’s not impossible. As in every other sport, the stance is the most important thing. If you don’t align your base, you won’t be able to build anything on it. Come to think of it, it’s like this in everything, not just sports. So, don’t stand just anywhere near the ball. Stand parallel to it. That way, you will not only increase your chance of hitting it, but you will improve your shots at hitting it in a straight line. If you stand too close or too far away or if you stand somewhere to the left of right, you will have to make extra unnecessary efforts in swinging, and thus making things harder for yourself. Second thing, use proper gloves. If you don’t feel comfortable in the gloves you are wearing, throw them away and buy a new one, because you hands are crucial. You wanna be able to use them, not think about too much in the process of hitting the ball.

Second tip – club face to the target

You get into your stance as described earlier – parallel to the ball in a way in which your body is showing itself sideways towards the path your ball is gonna go on. Don’t just swing a club and see what happens; to try to make sure you hit the ball at all before learning how to hit it to go straight, get the face of the club close to the ball. You can even make small swings back and forth without hitting the ball, just to make sure you’ve got the right angle.

Now, as we said earlier, even the club head is designed to make your ball curve – it itself is curvy. So you are gonna have to hit the ball with the „safest“ part of it – the key is to hit the ball with the middle od the club face to make the ball go straight. This is very hard, but it can be practiced.

Third tip – the swing

Many people say that the key to hitting a golf ball straight is in the movement of your hips, in velocity, speed, etc., but it’s really all about the swing. Those other things are not unimportant; we have talked about a good stance before. But the key thing here is the swing. If you get the swing right, the other things, even if they are done with certain mistakes, won’t be able to beat it. The way to do it is this – make sure you don’t just rush at the ball to hit it hard. Your swing has to have a certain concept to it; it’s not just about getting to the ball from the point where your hands are up in the air to the point where your club is touching the ball. To minimize the curving effect, try doing this – when you swing towards the ball, make sure your last movement before the one in which you actually hit the ball is the movement in which your club is parallel to the ground. This way you make the movement controlled enough to swing it straight. This is how the professional golfers do it, so there’s gotta be something to it.

So there you have it. It can be done, although the conditions that you are doing it in are not your best friend. Try to keep the middle of the face closest to the ball and try to make a controlled movement when hitting it. If you don’t make it right at first, don’t despair. Just practice.

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