How To Arrange A Golf Theme Party For Adults?


The majority of professional golfers works as club or teaching professionals and compete only in local competition. A small elite of professional golfers are “tournament pros” they compete in full time on international tours. The order is given to some holes in every round of golf while playing.

 The course laid out determines the order that must be played; typically a round consists of 18 holes. Playing a hole on a golf course is started by hitting the ball with a club on teeing ground and putting the ball into series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.

  • Golf tournaments can be used for the business purpose or charity, the trend of organizing these kinds of the party has gained popularity.
  • Start your planning six months ahead of the Golf Party or tournament.
  • The first and the most important thing is a determination of venue.
  • A venue must be on the top of your planning process, and the services which the owner of the golf course proffers.

Bay must provide food and drink conveniences, a coach if the guests you invite are non-golfers, 9 or 18 hole golf course according to your preference, event rooms, a bar, restaurant and coffee shop. The second thing you must take care of is about equipment and clothing, which you have to arrange for nongolfers guests you have invited.

For raising funds, the only entry fee is not the option you can also get an opportunity to raise funds over the course. There must be exciting gifts and prizes prearranged and distributed while playing or after playing during post-tournament dinner. There must also be arrival gifts like shirts and balls; it is one of the best things about a golf party. Also, you must decide the format as you don’t want to bore the guests you have invited and don’t create confusion by arranging too many options. Everything must be moderate.

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Different Ideas for Adult Golf Party

1. Icebreaker-Guess How Many Tee’s

For fun, you can have a jar full of tees displayed, and the guests must try to guess how many tees are there in the jar. And the guest who guesses closest wins and gets an exciting prize can be great fun.

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2. Golfer Match

At first display pictures and names of different golfers, for 5 minutes and the provide your guests a sheet with two columns on it, on first column there should be a picture of golfers and on another the names which are scrambled, and the guests have to match them. The guest who gives maximum correct answers wins and gets an exciting prize or gift.

3. You Miss, You Suffer

You must use the club for hitting the ball into the hole and if you miss you have to face hilarious consequences. This can be eye-catcher of the party, and everyone will love to play this. You must write the consequences before only, you can’t decide them at the moment; this will waste time and also bore the guests

The consequences can be like:

  • In the next hit, your hands will be tied
  • In the next hit, you will be blindfolded
  • In your next hit, you have to hit the ball standing opposite from the direction where you have to hit ball

This game will be very exciting for the guests, and they will enjoy the party a lot.

4. Pro Chip Island Golf

If your venue provides pool, then this game will be the hit of your party. There must be a floating target in the middle of wherever you want to place it in the pool; the guests will hit the ball, the ball chips and if it reaches the target the guest wins but if not the guest closest to the target wins ad gets an exclusive prize.

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If the guests you invite have 85% golfers you can have many more games like:

  • Scramble: It is one of the most popular game of a golf party, there are different versions of this game, but usually it is based o how the handicaps are calculated. The teams can be divided into two or four members. Everyone tees off on every hole then they all play or their second best shot from the spot of their best drive and then third best shot till the first ball is in the hole.
  • Best Ball: This one of the most simple and uncomplicated golf game for tournaments and parties. The teams have two or four members like a scramble, and everyone starts playing their ball. The twist is only one player score are calculated and the lowest score recorded is the team score.
  • Beat the Pro: In this Game there will be a pro and for fundraising it is the best game, you have to station the pro at the tee of a short par-3 hole and offer other players chance to bet that they can beat the hit of the pro or at least drive closer to it.
  • Closest to the Pin: This is another game which is bang on to the tournament the player is situated on the par-3 hole. You will need two volunteers, one to take the money and other for an important task like measuring. For a small fee, golfers can see whose drive is the closest to the pin. The winner gets a prize.
  • Longest Drive: The player in this game is situated on the par-5 hole. This one is just like closest to the pin only difference is the drive will be landing on the fairway. The prize of this game must give during post-tournament dinner.
  • Hole-in-One Challenge: This can be a great fundraiser, and it’s the best game for a golf party. The ball is situated a par-3 hole. You have to the ball in the hole in one chance only, or you have to buy the chances. This is very challenging and exciting game.


These are some of the different formats you can include in your party to make it a hit. During Post Tournament dinner you can organize a lottery or an auction to raise funds or some awards for like best dressed, best played, best joke, worst joke or worst dressed, this will add a rejoice and excitement to your party.