How To Get The Best Out Of Golf Simulators?


What any beginner or even intermediate golf enthusiast and player would love to have in his or her room is a good golf simulator that allows you to practice at home, without having to rush out in unfavorable weather conditions. An in-home golf simulator is a great advantage for any player that can help perfect shots as well as improve the judgment of the ball/shot without having to go to the course.

Golf simulators – the more decent ones that are used by professionals cost way above thousands of dollars and being a beginner or intermediate, you shouldn’t push for those. You can, however, go for the alternative get a less expensive simulator like Optishot-2 or simply build your simulator with materials costing as less than a grand.

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What Exactly is a Golf Simulator?

So before we get to how to get the best out of golf simulators, let us understand what a golf simulator is and what it does.

  • A golf game simulator is a virtual world based golf game that allows you to practice and play golf in any indoor space without having to go out to the course for playing.
  • Not only can you enjoy your game quietly anytime of the day you want, but you can also play despite the fact that the weather conditions are extremely unfavorable, or the course is miles away from you.
  • A golf simulator depends largely on motion and other sensors while its high end programmed software helps you improve with regular practice.
  • These simulators are nowhere similar to the cheap arcade or remote based games.
  • These simulators can record and analyze your shot or swing and then offer you a computerized view of the shot on a model course.
  • Radars and light sensors too are in play in these gold simulators.

Several types of golf simulators are available in the market today. The costs of these simulators vary from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the quality as well as gear and functionality.

Getting the Best Out of Golf Simulators

In this section we will focus on two aspects – getting the best golf simulators and making the best use of the simulator to extract value for every penny that the simulator cost you. After all, a decent golf simulator alone can’t do much as you too should be able to utilize it to the best of features and detail.

Buying the best

As I mentioned earlier, several types of golf simulators are available in the market. To choose the best for yourself, you need to know what features are being offered and how much do these features cost. Here are some tips that you can follow to get the best golf simulators:

1. Check Budget

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a golf simulator is the budget. You need to decide how much are you ready to spend on this simulator which will not only allow you to play golf whenever you feel like but can also help you in practice and improvement.

If you go to a few hundred bucks, you can get a simulator like Optishot 2 but if your budget goes beyond that to a few grand, Protein golf simulator is the best choice for you.

2. Check for Sensors and Camera

Hardware support is imperative in any golf simulator because it involves the use of a few infrared, motion as well as other sensors that shoot thousands of pulses every second for recording your swing or shot. Check the number of sensors and the type of sensors being offered in your simulator.

More the number of sensors, the better the simulator is and the better it is, more you can improve.

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3. Check for Graphics

There is no point in playing golf on a simulator if you do not get that experience of playing on a real course. Hence, graphics are very important, and any good simulator should be able to provide high definition real-time graphics of a golf course which should change as per the requirement of the shot or the view of the player.

Some simulators come with 3D graphics that provide a real like experience in simulators while playing golf. However, you should know that higher the functionality or graphics, higher the cost as well.

4. Check for Analysis

While choosing the golf simulator, you should also consider the type, as well as the details of the analysis, report that the simulator provides. Fr example, there are a few basic statistics that it should always provide- the speed of the shot, the tentative distance hit, the speed you should hit with, next possible shot, holes done, etc.

More the details, the better it is for you as you get to learn more and improve even more.

5. Check for Software Support

For any good golf simulator, software support is like the backbone. It is the software that makes the simulator worth it as it provides you with the analysis, the graphics and much more. Always check the compatibility of the software with your system before buying the simulator.

Last but not the least, all good golf simulator stores allow tryouts before buying which is why I recommend you take out some time and try your hand at a few golf simulators before narrowing down to the best for yourself.

Making the best use

For getting the most or getting the best out of your golf simulator, you need to follow these tips:

1. Set Up in a Hall/ Large Room

It would be a shame to set up in a small room that does not give you the chance to swing even and take a shot properly. For the best results from a simulator, always set up in a large room or hall where you get ample space to take the shot as well as view the field graphics.

2. Practice with Your Club for Best Result

Some cheap simulators give their club for the shots, but you should get your club or buy a simulator that allows you to practice with your club. When you use your club, you get a better idea of the shot, and you can remember how hard to hit to get the required result.

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3. Keep Trying

Using a simulator is just a bit different from playing on the course. However, if you do not get the required results, do not give up. Only a few people can hit correctly in a simulator when they begin. What you need to do is keep trying until you get it right.

4. Don’t Shy Away from Asking

You might not understand all the functionalities or features of the simulator in the very first time. It is better to ask for support from a previous user or the manufacturer itself.


Golf simulators can have a great impact on your game if used in an appropriate manner. So do your part of the research and venture out so that you too can get a good golf simulator for yourself to practice golf whenever you like, wherever you want. Please share your views with us; they are important to us. We will thrive to get more and more information related to golf in the best manner possible so that most of our readers can take advantage of it.