How To Play The Miniature Golf? Tips And Rules


Golf is known as a game of rich people due its expenses. Miniature golf is the best possible option to fulfill your desires to play golf. Miniature golf mainly focuses on its parent game’s putting aspect. You will only require a putter and a ball to play this game. It does not take much effort to learn how to play this outdoor game.

The miniature golf course consists of series of holes and various obstacles. Like professional golf, miniature golf course also consists of 9 or 18 holes. The ground is made up of man-made materials like concrete and carpet. It does not require a large area as it is required in golf. All the static and dynamic obstacles can be as follow.

  • Hills
  • Tunnels or tubes
  • Valleys
  • Ramps
  • Windmills
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How to Play Miniature Golf?

  • If we consider the miniature golf course without any obstacles, then it is just like professional golf. All a player has to do is to hit a golf ball with a putter.
  • The only thing you have to consider while hitting a ball is a force. How hard you hit a ball plays a major role to determine how well you can play this game.
  • If you hit very softly then, your ball will not be able to reach in the hole and if you will hit very hard then it is possible that your ball crosses a hole.
  • Therefore, proper force should be applied to a golf ball.
  • You have to start your game from the teeing-off area.
  • All you need to do is to complete holes one by one according to their numbering in minimum strokes per hole.

Things You will Require while Playing Miniature Golf

1. The Putter

  • Mini golf putter or golf putter can be used by a player.
  • The area of a putter must not exceed the standardized size, which is 40 square centimeters.
  • It must not contain any aiming gadgets in it.
  • If referee finds out any violation in putter during a game then the lane on, which a player has played needs to be replaced.

2. The Ball

  • The player can use any golf ball or mini golf ball, which is made of any material.
  • The ball should meet all the requirements.

3. Sports Wear

  • If you are playing in a tournament, then the team uniform if necessary.
  • Sports shoes are required while playing miniature golf.

Thought Provoking Facts about Miniature Golf

  • Earlier miniature golf was popular all around the world, and it used to be played in the USA as an international tournament but due to some setbacks, miniature golf died out.
  • It is still lived on as a sport in Europe and couple of other countries.
  • World Minigolf Sports Federation is leading governing body, which defines the rules and regulations of this game and held different tournaments all across the world.
  • The most popular miniature golf competitions in the world are the US Open, US Masters, Kent Open, British Open, the World Adventure Golf Masters and World Crazy Golf Championships.
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Types of Golf Courses

All the official tournaments, which are held should be organized on standardized miniature golf course approved by World Minigolf Sports Federation.

There are three different types of courses as mentioned below:

  • Beton
  • Eternity
  • Felt

How to Play Miniature Golf?

If you want to be a good miniature golf player, then it will take some efforts to learn, but it is not difficult. If you follow tips mentioned as below while playing than certainly, you can become a miniature golf player.


  • The first thing you should do before you start if to examine the golf course and all the obstacles, angles, and ramps.
  • You should determine all the consequences after examining gold course before you take a shot.


  • You have to start your game from the tee-off area. There is a specific place allocated to place a ball, which is known is tee. You have colored ball and a putter before you start your game.
  • You have to place your ball on that tee, which is marked in tee-area. After putting your ball on the tee, you are supposed to aim for the first hole on the golf course.
  • Remember one thing is your head that you have to hit a ball to the hole, which is given number one.


  • Now as you are ready with your aim, then next step is to hit a ball. Do not hit a ball so hard that it crosses the hole and do not hit it so softly that it does not even reach closer to the hole.
  • You should take a shot, which is firm but soft enough to get you closer to the hole.
  • You need to know one thing that if your putter touches a ball unintentionally and you are not holding putter with your both hands, then it will not count as a stroke but once you stretch your hand in the air then if your putter touches a ball, it will count as a stroke.


  • Before stepping into a game, you should get well aware of course rules. There are certain rules, which can help you to take advantages but to do so you will need knowledge of such rules.
  • There is a rule according to the course rules that if your ball rests near any hurdle or a hole at a distance of your head of putter, then you can move your miniature golf ball. This rule can help you out to have a lucid shot next but for that, you should be well aware of rules and regulations.
  • There are particular numbers of strokes, which are allowed to reach at one hole. You need to get all the information about your game and how many strokes you are allowed to take to reach your goal.


  • Miniature golf course gives you a chance to play carom shots on a course. Moreover, there are some holes, which require that kind of shots only where at the other hand some are straight shots. You need to figure out before hitting that, which stroke you are going to require getting your ball near a hole.
  • Once you come up with your notion for your next stroke, then the only thing you will need is your confidence while hitting a ball with your putter. You should firmly hit a ball on a wall in such a way it caroms towards your hole.
  • Sometimes you will need to go for a stroke where you have to bounce off some obstacles and reach near to your goal.


  • As you are aware of various types of obstacles as mentioned above, you may know that there are dynamic obstacles too such as windmills.
  • To achieve this goal you need to develop a sense of timing. You need to observe such obstacles first before hitting then come up with the idea about its movement. You have to figure out how long it takes to move further from your way and to come back to it.
  • The most difficult obstacle is a moving gate at the opening. You need to hit through this gate while it is open. To do so, you have to determine movement of it and relative timings.
  • After accomplishing timing and movement of obstacles, the last thing you will require is your faith and confidence on your stroke. You need to hit very firmly and hard as that moving obstacle move away from your target.


  • Now after riding off all the obstacles, you reach near to your hole. The only thing you require at this stage is short putt. Once your golf ball reaches near to your hole, the path becomes straight towards your goal.
  • The only thing you will need is a stroke, which is hard enough to get your ball reach in a hole and soft enough, which should not flare away your golf ball from the hole.
  • With some practice, you can accomplish that level of sense when you can hit the best shot on the golf course.

Now as you are aware of different tips and tactics for miniature golf, then the only thing you require is a golf ball, your putter, and yes, of course, a way to miniature golf course.

This game is being played at the professional level, but it is also being played as an entertaining game. So if you found it interesting from this blog, then all you need to do is to find a miniature golf course nearby. They provide putter and a golf ball too.

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I hope that above mentioned tips for “How to play miniature golf?” will help you. You can always find details about this game at several places. This blog explains the tactics for becoming a miniature golfer and enjoying that game. Do you have some suggestions? Mention them below in comment box and let us know your reviews. We would be more than happy to assist you.