Maintenance Tips To Make Your Golf Equipment Last Longer


Golf is a game which brings mental peace for the person. Golf isn’t a game of hard physical exercise and strains. It is a simple game involving a stroll in a large garden with a club in hand and occasional swing of the arms. The person can just feel relaxed with a friendly game of golf once in a while.

Just like other games, golf is also very competitive. It is also based on scorings and points. The one, who puts the ball in the hole in the least chances, gets the highest points and wins the game. There are either 9-hole grounds or 18-hole grounds. This is the criteria through which the winner is chosen.

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Golf Equipment

All the sports need some or the other types of equipment to play the game. In the game of golf, there are very few types of equipment needed for playing. These are easy to procure and use. The major kinds of equipment are:

  1. Ball: The most basic equipment needed to play the game of golf is the golf ball. It is around, a thermoplastic ball with rubber in the core. The size of a golf ball should be at least 67 mm. Also, the prescribed weight of the ball is 45.93 gm. It is covered with numerous small dimples all around.
  2. Club: The golf balls need to be hit by a long handle, called the club. There are different types of clubs, but hybrid ones are the most preferred nowadays. These contain a wooden shaft with an iron head. Other types are full iron clubs, wooden clubs and also putters. The player swings it to hit the ball in the direction of the holes. A game of golf allows every player to carry a maximum of 14 clubs.
  3. Tee: A tee is a small stand that is used to support the golf ball stationary for the first shot. It keeps the ball above the land and allows the player to hit the ball when placed on it. The use of a tee is optional. If the player doesn’t wish to use it, he can avoid that.
  4. Golf Bag: Every player carries a lot of things and objects and tools for his game. But he can’t carry them individually. Thus, to be organized, he can keep them in a bag. Such a bag for golfing is known as a golf bag. A golfer can sport all the golf clubs, his extra gloves, shoes, tees, and other such objects in the bag.
  5. Golf Cart: Golf is played on a very big ground. The traditional way to move around the ground was to walk. But nowadays people use battery-driven small carts for moving around the field. This saves a lot of energy for them. They don’t have to carry the bags around and also doesn’t cause fatigue. It is battery-driven, so it also is safe for the ground.
  6. Golf Gloves: The golf clubs come with a certain material to enhance grip for holding it. But sometimes when it gets sweaty, or it is raining, it is hard to grip the club. For that reason many golfers often wear gloves. These are more often than not worn in the non-dominant hand of the player. But many wear it on both their hands. It enhances grip and allows more powerful shots.
  7. Golf Shoes: It is important for the golfer to feel that he is properly gripped to the ground for a better shot. For this reason, many golfers wear shoes with plastic or iron spikes under them. It allows them to have a better grip during the shot, especially in wet conditions. Many golf courses, though, have banned the use of metal spikes.
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Maintaining Golf Equipment

Though the number of the tools used for playing golf is less and less complicated, it is always better to maintain them. They may be less, but they still come with a cost that, if recurred, seems too expensive. Thus, to make these gaming tools last longer it is necessary to maintain them. There are different tips given below for the same:

Golf Ball

The golf balls are normally very durable. But the only thing that needs to be checked on them is that if they are clean. Golf balls go into many terrains such as sand, mud, water, etc., they get dirty. When the dirt settles in their dimples, it affects the aerodynamic movement of the ball and slows it down through the air.

Thus, they need to be properly cleaned. To clean them, dip them in a bottle of vinegar, ammonia or bleach, and later rinse with water. This will remove even the most difficult dust marks over them. This will allow a better shot, with a cleaned ball.

Golf Bags

There is a lot of equipment to be carried in a golf bag. It makes the bag heave. This makes the bag undergo wear and tear due to its use. Every bag comes with a life span. Still, the owner can look for ways to enhance the life of the bag. The things that affect the bag are:

  • Odor
  • Wear and tear
  • Stiff zips
  • Dirt

To control odor and dirt, it is better to wash the bag periodically. By avoiding making the bag overweight, it can be made to last longer and have less wear and tear. The stiff zips can be checked by using zip sprays. Also, buying a bag with zipping protectors is feasible.

Golf Cart

The main thing to be taken care of in a golf cart is the battery. These are connected to all the wirings and are like the heart of the cart. If these do not work or are not maintained, the cart won’t work. The best way to maintain them is always to inspect them periodically. It is good to check these for any marks of damage and clean them and the clamps. If there is any problem, it should be solved immediately.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are by far the biggest investment of a golfer. These cost the most to a golfer. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that these are maintained and well-kept for a longer time. The first thing to do is get their club head covered. These are covers that protect the head of the club from corrosion and other external elements. It also keeps it from colliding with other club heads in the bag and getting scratches.

The other thing to do is keep the golf club clean. For cleaning the head and the shaft, different approaches should be used. The head is first soaked in a bucket of lukewarm water for a few minutes. It is then necessary to clean it with a brush of medium, nylon bristles. The rubbing and scrubbing in the line of the grooves make it easy to clean dirt. To get rid of the rust, a fine grain steel wool can be used. It can then be polished after drying.

The next area is SHAFT. These are either steel or wooden. If the club has a steel shaft, it has a similar procedure for being cleaned as the heads. Soaking in lukewarm water and then cleaning it with a medium bristle brush. The wooden shaft can’t be left in the water. The wooden one can be cleaned bit rinsing a semi-wet cloth over the dirt marks and cleaning it,


These were some description of the basic golfing equipment and tips for maintaining them. It is better to put some extra effort and make the tools last longer rather than putting extra money in buying new tools. If you have any question or suggestion regarding the content, please leave a comment.