Sand Shots Made Easy – Few Simple Tips


We all know that playing golf in a sand isn’t easy and that it needs certain adjustments when compared to playing golf elsewhere. There are only a few players who succeed to kind of feel the right way to avoid difficulties when playing in a sand bunker, but a lot of golfers struggle and wonder how to make the best of the bad situation. Instead of just wandering around wasting time in figuring out, it’s much better to examine some of the tips that have already been worked out and start practicing them.

What you need

You need a sand bunker, a golf club, a ball or ball, time and patience.

First tip – learning about the ball – sand dynamics

You have maybe already heard that while playing in a sand bunker, you are not supposed to kick the ball, but sand. And you are right on that. It’s not just that it hard to avoid sand – ball contact, but it’s actually desirable. So be sure to kick the sand behind the ball first and then let it kick the ball. When you kick the sand first which kicks the ball, it will be a lot easier for you ball to elevate itself out of the sand and move more freely. Why? Well, it’s much easier for your club to lift off a small amount of sand from sand than a ball from the sand because the sand tends to keep the ball in one place. Try to keep these things in mind, because only when you know the situation you have in front of you, then you will be able to solve your problems and make your moves on the sand bunker go more easily.

Second tip – the stance

It’s gonna be a lot easier for you to resist the very persistent thing that is sand if you put your weight on your front foot. This will not only give you strength and resistance power, but it will increase the chances for the ball to go further.  So, stand up tall, bend your knees a little bit and then lean forward a little bit more on your front foot to put more weight on it. That way your back leg is gonna be that base from which you will make good, fast swings. The other thing to do is to widen the stance. This will give you more firm grounding and reduce the chances of losing balance. Obviously, if you keep your legs closer together, you will probably fall or begin to stumble pretty quickly with your hands trying to hit the ball.

Third tip – open you club face

Keep your club face open in about 30 or 40 degrees. It’s very important to open in approximately these measures. If you open in too much, the sand won’t be able to move forward, consequently failing to move the ball. If you, however, open it too little, the sand will accumulate and the ball will get stuck.

Fourth tip – right angle of the club

The angle in which your club is approaching the ball is very important as well. As with the openness of your club face, you are gonna have to find a golden middle – if you go too low with your club, you will probably hit the sand that’s too far behind the ball and get your club steeped into the sand, and it will get stuck in the sand. To achieve the right angle, you can practice this by drawing a line in the sand near your ball, using the line as a sort of a pathway to learning the right angling.

Fifth tip – finishing the swing

To resist the sand, your movement is gonna need the extra velocity and strength. You have to continue with the movement into the finish. Stick with the swing movement until you see your ball moving away from your club face and traveling through the air. If you stop where you would usually stop while playing somewhere else besides the sand bunker, you will not be able to resist the sand properly in order to drive the ball out of the sand into the desired direction.

Sixth tip – stick the club into the sand to get the ball out of it

If your ball gets buried in the sand, it would be quite obvious that you will have to do something differently to get it out of there. You can’t just hit the ball out straight because the sand won’t allow it to get out. what you do is you stick the club face into the sand right next to the ball and yank the ball out of there. Don’t forget to lean forward and place the weight on your front foot while doing this, because that will only improve the movement.

As you can see, literally everything is important here – the stance, the swing, the club face angle and the strength you use. If you try to practice these steps, you will find it easier to play golf in a sand bunker.

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