Top 50 Women’s Golf Courses In The United States


Golf is a game of a ball which is played on a golf course or golf ground with various types of clubs which are used by the players to hit the ball. The game is about hitting the ball right into a sequence of holes in the minimum strokes possible.

Introduction to Golf

The Golf game is fully based on the ball and the number of strokes used in a game to get the ball into the holes. The playing ground for golf has holes, and there are several types of terrain used as golf playing courses such as fairway, uneven, and hazards with the holes.

In Golf, the lowest is the best that means if you used a minimum number of strokes in putting your ball you played very well. So, this is known as stroke play, and how much a team or player earned the score in each hole is known as match play.


Golf clubs are the main part of the game to hit the ball correctly. A club is composed of a shaft which is the middle part of the club, a head which is the initial part and a grip is the end part of the club that is used to grasp the club efficiently.

Clubs come in various sizes according to different aims to hit the ball, as the club having a lower amount of loft to propel the ball for a longer distance, and the short clubs with higher loft for a shorter distance.

  • The Traditional clubs were made using hardwood, but these days they are manufactured using the metals such as titanium, carbon fiber and other types of metals.
  • The Golf balls are usually spherical which are white in color, though it can be made of other colors as well.
  • A golf ball is made of dimpled latex to decrease aerodynamic drag and to increase air turbulence when the ball is in motion.
  • The professional golfer prefers wearing golf shoes during the play to increase grip that allows for longer and accurate shots.

Other than the club, ball, and the shoes, the golf bag is the other important equipment that players use to carry the accessories and other personal equipment. These are designed to keep the accessories; they have many pockets of several sizes to carry the balls, clubs, tees, shoes and gloves. The bags include both a hand strap and a shoulder strap, so the player can stay flexible while carrying. These bags sometimes come with legs to allow the bag to stay in upright position without holding it.

Top Golf Courses for Women

Here are top fifty golf courses or the ground for women that are used to play golf:

1. Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club

Pine Needles
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It is a rural golf resort that was built in 1927; a Sand Hill resort that is situated approx 2.1 miles from the historic town that are in Southern Pines and 5.2 miles from the storied village which is in Pinehurst.  This course includes the casual rooms, in chalet-style cabins, mini fridges, with the facility of sitting area and terraces, TVs and also Wi-Fi. Some of the rooms have a small bar for alcohol activities.

2. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

It is the Old Macdonald Course that is located on the Pacific coast; this resort is 4.7-mile from Bullards Beach State Park. The resort has traditional lodge rooms and also offers flat-screen TVs, also facilitates the 4-bedroom cottages with parlors, fireplaces, exercise room, massage room with a hot tub. In addition, there are multiple restaurants and walking tracks.

3. Amelia Island Plantation

The Golf course is one of the top fifty golf courses that are for Women. The course has a closeness to the ocean, and the sea breeze atmosphere always attracts the golfers with thrilling views of the place. This course has 10 holes with lagoons and marsh wetlands. The natural sand bank and seaside terrain are the main attraction of this course.

4. Running Y Ranch

This course is Set on a 3,600-acre of land at Cascade Mountain ranch along Upper Klamath Lake. It is located 10 miles north of Klamath Falls, and it is 12 miles away from Klamath Falls Airport. The rooms have mini-fridges, cable TV, DVD players and WiFi. The Suites include kitchens, living areas with sofas.

Facilities also include a bar, restaurant and for the kids that are under 12 can consume free of cost. This also has a sports center, an indoor pool, gym, tennis courts and spa facilities as well.

5. Sea Island Resorts

The resort was originally designed in 1929 by Harry S. Colt and Charles Alison and was updated in 1999 by Tom Fazio. The Seaside resort is the summit of links golf which is situated in St. Simons Island at the southern tip. The course is the finest place for excellent shot selection and putting.

6. LPGA International

This golf club stands for Ladies Professional Golf Association, and it is located in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is the golf facility that is mainly for women. All The golf facilities are controlled by the city where the Daytona Beach locates and under an agreement with the LPGA. This is an 18-hole course; it includes a Bermuda grass golf course, along with the facility of driving range, practice putting green, and a restaurant.

7. The Golf Club at Newcastle

Like its name, the course it located at Newcastle, it is the ruler Pacific Northwest golf course which also serves as an event destination.  The course features 36 holes, and the entire course is famous for the stunning views of Lake Washington, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, and also the Seattle skyline.

8. Kingsmill Resort & Spa

The golf resort is located 3.2 miles from Busch Gardens. It is famous for its moderns, the stylish rooms having free Wi-Fi all the time, flat-screen TVs, and coffee makers.

The rooms have private balconies, living and dining rooms, with kitchens, and fireplaces, also the washer and dryers. Along with the golf courses, it includes a marina, spa, a fitness center, 4 separate restaurants that make this place fully featured golf course and ultra-comfortable for women.

9. Grand Cypress Golf Club—East/North Courses

This is a luxurious golf resort; it is 2.9 miles from Walt Disney World. The rooms of the course feature flat-screen, coffee makers, showerheads, and patios. The bedroom range is 1 to 4 that offer full kitchens, and separate living rooms.

10. Kiawah Island Golf Resort—Osprey Point

The beautiful golf course is Located on a barrier island which is a few miles away from historic Charleston, South Carolina; this is the Official Golf Resort at Kiawah Island, which is also famous for Tennis.  In addition to practicing golf, this also provides a good place for family vacation.

11. Keystone Resort—River Course

This course is well known as the largest ski resort situated in Summit County in Keystone; in the western US sate Colorado. The course is operated by Vail Resorts; it offers skiing at all levels.

The three mountains perform the largest operation in Colorado for night skiing that takes place after sunset until 9 p.m.

12. Celebration Golf Club

The Golf Academy is in the city Orlando in Florida, US. This is known for its level of golf; it is famous for junior talents and introduces several new golfers every year.  It’s a good place for entry level golfing by providing private lessons, group lessons, and Junior Academy programs at affordable prices.

13. The Greenbrier—The Old White TPC

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The course was set in 1858; this is a 10,000-acre resort which is just 3 minutes from the White Springs train station.  It provides the classic rooms and cottages from 4 to 7 bedrooms with flat-screen TVs and WiFi.

14. Reynolds Plantation—The Oconee Course

The Reynolds Oconee is located in the Southeast; it offers players the most spectacular golf scenery with multiple holes next to the coast of beautiful Lake Oconee.  After three years of its opening, the Andersen Consulting World Championship of Golf was introduced in 1995.

15. Southwood Golf Club

It has the best Greenery which provides a unique look to the course; it is the course that challenges all the abilities of a golfer. This is Located near Farnborough Airport; it includes the Golf shop for every accessory for all age groups.

16. La Quinta Resort & Club—Mountain Course

It was established in 1926 and is set on 45 acres; the golf course takes 1.1 miles from Old Town La Quinta shopping center.  The suites provide Warm rooms, Internet access, flat-screen TVs, and mini fridges. Other than these fireplaces and sitting areas are also available.

It has the quarters of 4-poster beds and Villas are also available. The course includes 6 restaurants, pool, and gym, spa and tennis courts. It is an ultimate recreational place for a women’s time out or for a family recreation.

17. Fossil Trace Golf Club

It locates itself at the base of Lookout Mountain which is just 15 minutes from downtown Denver. The golf course assigned this name after finding the fossilized footprints which now serves as a golf course established in July 2003. It is considered as one of the best challenging layouts in the state.

18. The Lodge at Ventana Canyon—Mountain Course

This is considered as a high-end golf resort that is stretched over 600-acre desert; it is 2.3 miles from Sabino Canyon. The modern suites offer WiFi, flat-screen TVs, kitchens and balconies, bathtubs. It offers 36 holes, a spa, tennis courts and also a junior outdoor pool. The fitness center is also available, restaurant and bar can also be found.

19. Snowmass Club

The Snowmass Club is perfect for all the seasons, it is located 8,000 feet above sea level, and it is a short drive from Aspen. The Snowmass Club offers access to America’s well-known mountain town.  The golfers who want to experience the natural beauty and spectacular facilities come here. The golf course has a 19,000-square-foot athletic club, 13 tennis courts, hiking tracks and much more.

20. Pinehurst Resort—No. 8 Course

This luxury resort facilitates 3 hotels and golf courses that have hosted the U.S. Open.

The course is 5 miles from the Pine Needles Golf Club and 5 miles from the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens.  The facilities include Wi-Fi, marble bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Plus, this also has 3 bars, a spa, and an exercise room with 9 golf courses.

21. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort—Mystic Rock

Pinehurst Resort
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It is set on 2,000 acres in the Laurel Highlands, this golf resort 2.6 miles from Fort Necessity National Battlefield that avails casino, hotels, a lodge, and 2-bedroom. The additional facilities are mini fridges, flat screen, whirlpool tubs. A salon, shops and 2 spas, 4 restaurants, 7 bars and lounge are also included.

22. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Grande—Lakes Course

This premier golf course is positioned in Orlando. Greg Norman and his team give this place a special importance on conserving the area’s ecosystem with ponds, wetlands, cypress heads for balancing the environment. As a result, the golf course looks spectacular, and the feel of this place is awesome due to the natural elements.

23. Province Lake

It is famous because f the province lake which 968-acre golf course which is situated on the border between New Hampshire and Maine, United States. People enjoy golfing activities here because of the remarkably clean water and beautiful scenery. The lake is a first-class source for pleasing the entire family.

24. Turning Stone Resort & Casino

This vibrant course lies 4.7 miles from the Oneida House, which is a 19th-century museum. It includes a high-end hotel, a rural looking lodge. The facility includes warm rooms, flat screens, WiFi, coffee makers.

25. Heritage Hill Golf Club

It is an 18-hole golf course located some miles from Louisville. It introduces five tee boxes for every level of golfer. It has the Shop for golf gear, Snack Bar, and five-star services to make the life greater.

26. Geneva National Golf Club

The Golf course is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which was opened in 1991. It is well known for its three courses, which are designed by Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Lee Trevino.

27. Hammock Beach Resort

The resort is situated on the Palm Coast, 33 miles from Daytona Beach. The rooms define mini fridges, coffee makers and balconies for ocean views, bedroom add kitchen. The Villas has 3-and 4-bedroom suites.

28. Turnberry Isle Resort & Club

It is located on 300 acres with 2 golf courses, 0.3 miles from Aventura Mall. It has Wi-Fi, 47-inch flat-screen TVs, and coffee makers. It has the option of 1 to 2 bedroom suites that include full kitchens, and the Parking is free here.

29. Treetops Resort

This is a family resort compatible for all seasons; it takes an 8-minute drive from Interstate 75. The rooms have 2- or 3-bedroom, with Internet and kitchen essentials as mini fridges, microwaves, and coffee maker. It has 5 golf courses and three eateries.

30. Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club

Blue Ridge Shadows
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The Golf Club is located in Virginia and has declared as the best Virginia golf club.

This is located in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains which is near Shenandoah Valley.

31. Monarch Dunes Golf Club

It was opened on January 1, 2006; it has the 18-hole golf course, so it’s the first of this type of golf course in Woodlands Village. It was established in San Luis Obispo County in Nipomo.

32. Stowe Mountain Golf Club

The Golf Magazine concluded it as one of the “Top 10 new courses in the US for the golf play. The Golf Course roams along the hills of Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, offering a vibrant view.

33. Purgatory Golf Culb

It is stretched over 218 acres; this course provides a wonderful golf experience, and the Purgatory is well-known for Multiple tee boxes, Course length, Bunkers, high grass, Risk & Reward.

34. Boyne Highlands Resort

It has become Michigan’s all-season resort, the events like Zip-line and horse drawn rides make this place much more advantageous. It provides exceptional golf, dinner, theater, and has facilities for guests to share time with family.

35. Panther Run Golf Club

It is a semi-private 18-hole golf course situates in the heart of southwest near Naples, Florida. It is less than 30 miles from both Naples and the beaches of Collier County that preserves the area’s environmental resources along with country and agricultural tradition.

36. Half Moon Bay Golf Links

It is set on the California coastline, one of the luxury golf resorts in Northern California. It is just 19 miles from San Francisco Airport. It includes the 36 holes, and the ocean winds freshen up the mind.

37. Monarch Beach Golf Links

It mixes up the natural beauty and various challenges; it is in the Southern California. The course offers a variety of services along with ocean breezes in summer and a mild year-round climate.

38. Black Lake Golf Club

This Golf Club is just right for peaceful golf experience in the beauty of nature; it is scattered across 300 acres, a part of the UAW’s 1,000 acres of natural property. It provides a challenging environment for all level of golfers.

39. Wailea Golf Club—Emerald Course

Wailea Golf Club
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It is the 6,825-yard Emerald Course which is one of the country’s most women-friendly golf clubs. It is full of delightful experiences such as fragrant tropical foliage, ocean and island panoramas. This is a fun place for an overall outing experience, especially for the women’s outing.

40. Richter Park Golf Course

Whether you are a beginner or a skillful player, this course facilitates all types of golf lessons. The place allows you to focus without distraction. It is an affordable and fun place to enjoy all aspects of the game.

41. Queenstown Harbor—Lakes

It is one of the most beautiful golf courses; it is set outside Washington, D.C. it features 36 holes of championship golf on The River and The Lakes. The both courses are great with spectacular views.

42. Williamsburg National Golf Club—Yorktown Course

It offers the facilities of a private club, as club and shoe cleaning, complete practice, golf schools, beverage service, and hotels. It is known as the only Nicklaus Design course in Virginia.

43. Barton Creek Resort & Spa

It is the luxurious and world-class Resort & Spa outside Austin, so it is ideal to get relaxed and play the best golf in the country with the perfect accommodations facilities.

44. Sunriver Resort—Meadows Course

It is set in the Cascade Mountains on 3,300 acres along the Deschutes River; this is 17.8 miles from downtown Bend.  It features country decor, fireplaces and private decks, as well as flat-screen and Wi-Fi.

45. Whistling Straits—Irish Course

It is the 36-hole golf course; the resort is located near Kohler, Wisconsin. It is owned by the Kohler Company which is a subsidiary. This is one of the must-visit golf courses for women in America.

46. Indian Wells Golf Resort—Players Course

This is a 36-hole golf resort, a few minutes away from the Palm Springs International Airport. It is a 53,000 square-foot clubhouse. The Resort is ultimate for golf tournaments, outings, wedding ceremonies, and receptions.

47. The Sea Pines Resort—Heron Point

This golf resort is 5.8 miles from Coligny Beach Park; it has iPod docking stations, WiFi, flat-screen TVs, bathrobes, and rainfall showerheads. The suites include a kitchenette, parlor, and a private terrace.

48. Angel Park Golf Club—Palm Course

Angel Park Golf Club
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It offers great practice facilities, as golf schools and lessons, putting course, and a restaurant as well. It also organizes patio parties in the evenings.

49. Desert Willow Golf Resort—Mountain View Course

This Golf Resort features two stunning courses. It features the Mountain View and the unique scenery and allows less challenging golf game.

50. The Boulders Resort—South Course

It is a semi-private country club for club and resort. It features a 6,726 yard, par 71, championship South Course which is designed by Jay Morrish. It is one of the finest golf resorts in the western United States. It is known for its rugged beauty; it offers 36 challenging holes, golf shop, fitness center, and restaurant.


Browse through the list of women’s golf courses across the United States and explore your golfing experience in an all-new manner. Happy golfing!